5 Ways To Clean Your Carpet

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If you are that kind of person that loves to get the job done all by yourself, then there are some carpet cleaning methods that you need to be aware of so that you can explore them at your own leisure. Otherwise, if you don’t have the luxury of time to do this yourself, seeking the help of experts, like Carpet Cleaning Perth, can guarantee thoroughly cleaned carpets.These methods are very effective especially if you have the skill set required to perform them.

carpet cleaningThe first method is hot water extraction. It is commonly known by most people as steam cleaning. By use of an appropriate machine, a hot solution of detergent is sprayed onto the carpet. Afterwards the carpet is vacuumed thoroughly. This method, however, has to be done in the right way else the carpet will remain wet and as a result invite mildew or mold.

Another method that you can opt to use is dry extraction. This process requires that you use a specific machine. Instead of water, dry powder is brushed onto the carpet. The soil particles will bond with the powder that you brush onto the carpet. Afterwards the carpet is vacuumed.

Rotary shampoo method is a method that has been proven to be very effective. Here, you will require a machine that makes use of rotary brushes. These rotary brushes push the cleaning chemicals deep into the fabric of the carpet. The foam that forms as a result carries the dirt to the surface of the carpet where it can now be vacuumed.

Another very popular method is foam extraction. This is the opposite of dry extraction. The dry chemicals are replaced with foam which is sprayed on to the carpet. This foam combines with the dirt particles in the carpet and then it is vacuumed.

Lastly, you can try out a method that is known as absorbent pad method. Also known as bonnet method, it involves chemicals being sprayed on the carpet and then the carpet is vacuumed immediately afterwards. The chemicals are let to soak in the fiber of the carpet. After the chemicals have successfully pushed the dirt towards the surface, you can remove it with a machine that contains an absorbent pad underneath. This pad is rather huge and it rotates just like a commercial buffer. You should however note that this method should not be attempted by any person lacking in experience. This is because incorrect use can result in damage of your carpet.

Now that you have the most popular ways of cleaning your carpet, the decision is up to you. You may choose any of these methods and apply them in cleaning your carpet. You can also choose to hire a professional, such as Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, to do it correctly if you do not have the expertise.

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