Checklist for Buying Commercial Property

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Purchasing property involves highly intricate process. The process becomes even more complex when you are up to buying a commercial property.Determining the price is an important checklist for buying commercial real estate. But there are other aspects too that are to be considered for buyingcommercial units.Let us take a note of the checklist for buying commercial propertyImportant Checklist for Buying Commercial PropertyBe Organized- While buying commercial property you might have to produce all the necessary documents that are generally required during property purchase. Getyourself ready with full loan documentation to initiate untroubled life of your loan.Find a Good Real Estate Agent- You might not be well aware of the current market realty trends. But your agent is well versed with it. A knowledgeable real estate agent not onlyknows the comparable sales or lease rates in the concerned location but also demographics, plans for growth and other new developments in the area.To make the best deal possible, provide your agent with all necessary financial documents that you need to show. He would be able to track yourpurchasing capacity. This would also reduce wastage of time as he would be shortlisting commercial properties that are well within your budget range.Arrange your finance according to nature of payment – Focus on long term loan payment deals and less percentage of down payments. This would help to preserve your cash reserve for better utilization.Having ample cash savings would further help you to redeploy your money on to other profit generating business activities.

Purchasing Extra Footage-If possible, try to purchase some extra footage. So, check whether you have extra sum of money to invest in extra square footage of property. Thiswould help to grow your business gradually. Else, it might simply be used as a constant source of rental income.If you are purchasing a property unit (office or shop) instead of whole commercial space, ensure you hold equal rights against other owners of thebusiness complex. Pay appropriate stamp duty and register within 4 months of execution.Make use of the above mentioned checklist for buying commercial property. The process which is otherwise drowned in paper work would become quitesimpler for you to execute.

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