How to Maintain a Termite-Free Property

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Termites can cause great damage to a property if left undetected and not treated. If preventative measures weren’t taken and the problem has become too hard to deal with on your own, seeking the help of a pest control specialist, like Termite Treatment Sydney, will save you some headache. However, if you’ve just stumbled upon this article and would want to know how to keep termites away from your property, read on.
Avoid having landscapes around your home
Although landscapes add to the beauty of your home all that greenery is sure to attract termites. There’s no point adding things to make your home look more beautiful when the home itself gets destroyed due to termite infestation. All that nature surrounding your home is the perfect way for termites to get into your home. This entirely defeats your efforts to control the infestation. Removal of landscapes is a must!
Fix all water leaks
Moisture is one of the factors that make a place an ideal home for termites. Termites tend to look for water and a water leakage is like a trail that leads termites to the perfect place to live in. Regular maintenance will ensure early detection of such leakages so that you can make arrangements for the necessary solutions.
Ensure that your drainage is fixed and works well, without any leakage. It is important that all appliances or utilities in your home lead to a proper drain. Water collecting in and around your home can also attract termites.
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Termites just love damp and moisture. So having a lot of these all over your property is a haven for these critters.
Seal all the Cracks and Crevices
From foundation and flooring to walls and ceiling, any crack or crevice in your home makes it easy for migrating termites to move in. Seal all the entry points with plastic sheeting to keep termite infestations out.
These precautionary measures will help you safeguard your home from termite damage but if you are looking for a sure-fire solution to keep expensive repairs and restorations away, the most effective way is to hire professional pest control services.
Store Wood Piles Away
Whether you have wooden piles lying out in your shed or you’ve just installed a stunning wooden trellis to enhance your outdoors, you are unknowingly inviting a termite infestation. Woodpiles attract termites so the National Pest Management Association recommends that homeowners should keep firewood, sawdust and wood piles at least 20 feet away from the home. Using treated lumber for renovations and remodeling will also help prevent infestations and protect your home from termite damage.
Use Rubber Mulch to Deter Termites
Rubber mulch is highly effective for deterring termites so instead of using regular mulch that attracts termites, you can buy rubber mulch available at home improvement stores and reduce the chances of an infestation. And it is a great way to use recycled tires!
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So there you have it, some measures you can take to prevent termites from setting up camp in your property.